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Marine & Boat Blasting in San Bernardino County & Los Angeles

Dedicated Marine Blasting Excellence

At R&H Blasting, we offer precision blasting to maintain and restore your marine equipment and boats, ensuring they withstand the test of time and tide.

Our marine blasting services are engineered to combat the toughest marine build-ups. From barnacles to old coatings, our experienced technicians utilize gentle yet effective techniques to preserve the integrity of your vessel.

R&H Mobile Blasting LLC - abrasive blasting and surface solutions since 2020

Comprehensive Boat Maintenance Services

Anti-fouling Removal:

Keep your boat's performance optimized with our anti-fouling removal services. We strip away old anti-fouling coatings, preparing your hull for a fresh application that enhances speed and fuel efficiency.

Surface Restoration:

Return your vessel to its former glory with our surface restoration services. We carefully remove corrosion, paint, and other surface damage, ensuring your boat looks and performs at its best.

Hull Cleaning:

Our hull cleaning services are designed to improve your boat's longevity and efficiency. By removing underwater growth and build-ups, we enhance your vessel's durability and maintain its value.

Custom Blasting Solutions:

Whether it's for repair or restoration, our custom blasting solutions are tailored to your specific needs. We work with a variety of materials and boat sizes, ensuring the highest quality results for your project.

Customized Blasting for Marine Projects

Customized Blasting for Marine Projects

Each vessel comes with its own set of challenges. We provide customized blasting solutions tailored to the specific needs of your marine project.

Whether it’s a small boat or a large ship, our team is equipped to deliver a superior finish without compromising the vessel’s safety or performance.

Trust R&H Blasting for all your marine and boat blasting needs.

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